Build privacy into the core of your organization

Increase trust in your brand by protecting the privacy of your users, customers and employees with innovative privacy and compliance solutions.

Join organizations that already build trust in their brand by using Cookie Information’s privacy and compliance solutions

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Turn privacy into a business advantage

Imagine if the focus on privacy was more than just a requirement. Imagine it became your business advantage.
Your customers’ and employees’ trust is essential to your organization and your brand.
The best way to build and maintain trust is by protecting their privacy.
Use innovative privacy solutions from Cookie Information to gain that advantage and maintain that trust.

Protect your digital world

Privacy & Compliance

Never lose track of at-risk personal data that your organization may store and process. Reduce manual searches for personal data with intelligent Data Discovery, so you and your team can solve issues quickly, cost-efficient and secure.

Identify and manage non-compliant personal data across your systems. Minimize privacy risks confidently.

Collect, manage and respond to data subject requests from one single place. Reduce manual work and cost-per-request.

Document your compliance work with transparency and key metrics. Report your progress at any time.

Consent Management

Stay compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA by collecting valid consents to cookies on websites and SDKs in apps. Get consent collection without compromising user experience or your marketing goals.

Ensure your users’ privacy and secure your compliance with international privacy laws and national guidelines.

Customize pop-ups to fit your brand’s identity and build trust in your consent collection.
Built-in Google Consent Mode gives you marketing insights while respecting your users’ consent choices.


Build trust, foster inclusivity and ensure compliance with whistleblower laws.
Enable your employees to safely and anonymously report issues in the workplace.

Centralize case management processes to easily track, investigate and resolve reported concerns.

Enjoy a ready-to-go setup or the flexibility to tailor the solution to your organization’s needs and desires.

“They have been incredible to work with over the past couple of years and are very passionate about what they do and offer to their customers.”

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Protect your
organization websites apps entire digital world

Join organizations who already build trust in their brand by using Cookie Information’s privacy and compliance solutions.

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